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"Jumpin´Cat Style" & an offer; a exlusive freebe !!!

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 12:28 am
by pxm

Exlusive freebe !!! :beer:

"Spells (Moonshine on Ma Boots)" is what I´m all about when shootin bluesnotes from ma guitar. The album is a little bit
rough mastered but I hope that it has that spirit, the heart - the Mojo.

I didn´t wanna edit, mix and quantize the trax to much, the spontanius soul an´feelin´ are present in the solo´s instead.

The trax were recorded for a couple of years, 10-5 yrs, ago before I started to involve jazztheory in the music and are
simple and more easy to listen to. More easy to hear and to intuitive feel the blues than ma never files, wich sometimes
demands concentration and much ear.

If somebody want accsess to this private album; "Spells (Moonshine on Ma Boots)", - let me know and I´ll send you a link and
a code. 14 remastered high quality files (choose format self), with stolen/recorded moments, in the now, from ma guitar.
For free !!! :xmas_1: 9 of them never published.

There´s a limit of codes generated.


"Jumpin`Cat Style" - I think this is a kind of a funny an´ hip file. :tease:

Jumpin´Cat.mp3 - (2.96 MiB)

Spells.png (822.69 KiB) Viewed 6173 times
Take care - stay safe - we will beat Covid 19 !!!
Keep playin the guitar. :wink: