Happy Holiday !!!

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Happy Holiday !!!

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Special Files;

My friend Jens J. Evaldsson (SE) mixed and did the mastering, in 2018, for my "Johan Paxom - EP" (by Johan Paxom). The EP contains 4 songs. It became interesting whit a new exiting soundscape than what I usually has on my recordings. And that was just that i was lookin´for !!! :) The recordings ´r availble on Spotify & iTunes. along whit my other singles, ´albums and collections.

My YouTube-channel, "Johan Paxom´s Guitar", includes two unpublished playlists whit files that ´r a bit unusual than the music I usually record. :) One of them is "Johan Paxom recitates 3 of Nicholas Gordons poems" (no commercial rights, it for free). Meant from me to be listening to fit for X-mas an´New Year. The other playlist I´ve named "Tributes, covers & own interpretations" (lot of collabs whit other musicans I´ve meet on different forums). It just what the playlistname says it would be.

Check it out an´let me know your oppinion ´bout these files, pls -leave a comment here. If U also come´up whit new ideas for future projects U want me to try record ´n pxm-style, (if possible), pls -post the suggestions here too !!! :)

Jojje Paxom (2020)
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