"BRAVE EXPLORERS TOUGHT & a smile from Emelie"

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"BRAVE EXPLORERS TOUGHT & a smile from Emelie"

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For the rythmguitar; 7mb5, backcykling an F#b7B5, the paralell chordletter and a
tritone sub for the reharmonization of a 12 bar bluesprogression. :music1:
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The leadguitar explores the min6 pentatonic scale. Its a common scale in blues
but this is the first time ever that Im using this pentatonic. :guitarist:
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Re: "BRAVE EXPLORERS TOUGHT & a smile from Emelie"

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Very fluent for the first time in the min6 pentatonic - sounds good to me, and every so often i was getting a Frank Zappa vibe from it. Not sure whether from scale used or phrasing or guitar tone? Good stuff! :thumbsup:
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