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Reharmonization; The Backdoor Progression. (Modal Mixture)

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 8:13 am
by pxm
The "Backdoor Progression" is a turnaround
that goes; iv7 to ♭VII7 to I .

Sounds really bluesy. :big_smile:

By a theoretical reharmonizationtechnique,
Modal Mixture, thebVII7 R, since
the music goes in a major key, borrowed from
the paralell minorscale and therefor it´s allways
a dom7 chord. :alright:

Use Modal Mixture for ex. if you want a major song
a little bit darker or vs/. :chicken:

Modal Mixture R also called Modal Interchange, MI.
(A Berklee Uni. term.)

by Paxom, 2020.