Lowlife Jump Boogie, Second Touch

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The doublestops in the 12.

1. Both guitars doublestops in the 12 bar boogie gives the tune a intersting lift.
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2. Both guitars doublestops togheter make the boogie sound blurry.
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Lowlife Jump Boogie, Second Touch

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Hi there.

I really can´t sing. ButI didn´t found any singer
to this tune so I did sang anyway. Guess we have
to live with that. :lol:

It´s a lot offunnier tune with the songtrack
anyway so. Much easier to listen to.

This is a ordinary 12 bar boogie in G7, 4/¤, 120
bmp.The tune is all about 2 simple, but intersting
I hope, guitartrax and one trax 4 the vox. :bb:

Here´s the boogie;
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