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upcoming concerts

Post by tradrrr »

With summer approaching (here in Chicago it takes a while to actually get here), we turn our attention to outdoor summer concerts. So far, blues wise, I've got Crossroads and Buddy Guy at Ravinia lined up. Plus, the Chicago blues fest is fast approaching. Anyone else have upcoming concerts they want to share? It doesn't have to be blues...
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Re: upcoming concerts

Post by Strummer07 »

Just wish I was in./ near Chicago ...what i would give to get to 'Crossroads' :bb:

Eric Clapton and Stevie Winwood begin their Tour here in the UK tonight in Birmingham (UK, not Alabama !!)

and then they do 2 nights at the Wembley Arena on Thursday (I will be in attandance !!! and will report back with a full review ) and Friday this week before setting off across Europe.

Joe Bonamassa is in London , Hammersmith on 28th May and I shall give him a decent listening too .might try and get some ear plugs this time............ .boy is he loud !!

I've already mentioned Eric Bibb touring here in the UK right now, till end of May ..he's well worth a listen if he gets anywhere near you..................

he then goes across to Europe ........

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28.Sep.2010 Ingolstadt Germany Neue Welt
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Re: upcoming concerts

Post by tradrrr »

Nice. I always wonder if a performer plays differently (either with more feeling, or even the setlist), playing near their home. Like when Clapton plays in England, are his shows different than when he plays a random town here in the States? I've heard that some artists play more of their 'hits' while on the road, but when close to home, play more obscure songs for hardcore fans. Same question for BB in Mississippi, etc.
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