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Forum Rules

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Please: :handshake:
  • No illegal/copyrighted media - please report offending/illegal files to the forum admin, I can't tolerate any copyright violations.
  • No commercial links - neither obvious nor hidden ones
  • No links in the signature (use your profile if you have a personal homepage)
  • Be kind and respectful. Don't offend other members. Don't use the f* word and similar.
  • To fight spam, no links are allowed in the first 2 posts, except maybe links to your gear or non-commercial homepage.
  • If you're new to the board, it's a good idea to introduce yourself.
  • This board is for amateur/hobby players, from absolute beginners to advanced players. There are no stupid questions, we don't laugh at a beginner who has just uploaded some notes for the first time. We want to help each other, play together, share our knowledge or just - talk.
Enjoy and have fun! :wave:


All music played here is composed and played by the uploading artist. No 3rd party copyrights are affected. The uploading artist owns all copyrights. (this website) is only a platform to publish and discuss songs.
If you think a song is violating a copyright, please contact me using this page:
Be sure to add the song title, the artist and the copyright you think is concerned. Thank you.

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