Stone Cold Sober Again (jazzrockfusion)

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Stone Cold Sober Again (jazzrockfusion)

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I mostly reharmonies the 12 bar blues but also to play and record modern JazzRockFusion. :D

Early this morning I recorded a jazzrockfusion tune. Basstrack, drumtrack and, of course a guitartrack. Real dirty sounding, the distortion for the drumtrack came out very well. :wink:
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I really love playin in Melodic minor and its modes, the tapping possibilities sounds so great. Think that I also came up whit som rare and interesting interpretations of the ii-V7-I progression. :lefty:

Stone Cold Sober Again, (2020)
The title is a phrase from, to honnor, Rod Stewarts album "Atlantic Crossing" (1975). 🙂
I call this tune "Stone Cold Sober Again"
This is JazzRockFusion-styled in C Mel. min. 60 % swinging 4/4 in 130 bmp. :chicken:

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Re: Stone Cold Sober Again (jazzrockfusion)

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Dirty sounding is right! :yikes:

You got all the instruments in a really tight arrangement, and the rhythmic aspects get it right into fusion territory. :thumbsup:

If things sounded this hectic when I was stone cold sober I'd be reaching for the bottle!!! :lol:
An improv a day keeps the demons at bay!
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Re: Stone Cold Sober Again (jazzrockfusion)

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That's HEAVY, and cool! :yikes: :clap:
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