Reharmonization; Rarely used but sounds beutyful.

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Reharmonization; Rarely used but sounds beutyful.

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The Scriabin/Prometheus scale

Its can be used for reharmonize the succession, the
head/melody instead of the chordprogression.
Just transpose the melody to this scale.
Used in blues as the "secret scale", when the
monster (soloplayer) need som new sounding
tunes to keep the ears of the guests. And this secret
sound GREAT in bluesprogressions. :dance:

Play it when you R thinkin of the Dimscale or the
Wholetonescale. Work also just fine instead of the
Mixolydian scale. If it´s a minor blues and the
Dorean scale is in the spot U can go to the paralell
major,that will be the Lydian and change that
scale whit Prometheus instead.


When U play Blues in this scale- use the name


by Paxom, 2013
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