Emulating a basic blues/rock guitar riff

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Emulating a basic blues/rock guitar riff

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Okay, on a guitar it goes like this: On the B string, you fret a note. On the G string, you fret a note three frets higher. You play both strings, and you push on the G string so its note rises to match what the B string is playing.

It's the second "cliche" they teach you in one brand of rock guitar instruction.

I've recently started messing around with the guitar and Amp presets in Live Suite, and have been playing Eddie Van Halen-esque shredding to my heart's content. It sounds 95% convincing.

But what about the one-string-stretches-but-the-other-doesn't maneuver?

So far, the simplest way I can see to emulate this is to split the keyboard into two regions and feed these into Ableton on two different MIDI channels. Each channel feeds into a guitar instrument, and I map a mod wheel to a pitch shift on one of the instruments. Then both instruments' outputs go into a single Amp.

Anybody have a simpler way to do it? (Other than simply play a guitar.)
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Re: Emulating a basic blues/rock guitar riff

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Strange question, so I searched. And found:
https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?t=184527 :alright:
plus several other forums with exactly the same post, some deleted in the meanwhile.

Tell me you're not a spammer adding a link later and we might help you. :big_smile:
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