Ma 50 anniversary

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Ma 50 anniversary

Post by pxm »

My relatives gave me a new Mac and a new studio for me 50nth birthday.
So tonight I am going to drink 2 glases of a fine smoky whisky and explore
ma new studio.
I will also try to edit ma drums my self instead of use loops from now.
Its exiting an I have a book whit lots of drumnotations for studing and
for support. :banana:

I celebrate whit a 10 years old international collab where I wrote the
music an play the guitar, Joel Sattler (US) wrote the lyric, Henrik sing
and Jens play the bassline. The intro is clips from the trax made by
Breathax (US)
It´s a 12 bar minor rockblues in A called "Firehawk", since Im a hindu an
have a Krsnaconsiuness. Firehawk relates here to the indian god Garuda.
Hari Bol !!! <3 U
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Re: Ma 50 anniversary

Post by VikingBlues »

A belated Happy Birthday! :D

A Mac and Studio sounds like a great way to celebrate the 50th - have fun with them. :thumbsup:

Firehawk is a nice spicy / spiky track!
An improv a day keeps the demons at bay!
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Re: Ma 50 anniversary

Post by 12bar »

:handshake: Happy birthday! Keep on playing! :music2:
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