Motivation ....?

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Motivation ....?

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I guess I'm not the only one having hard time motivating myself in the art of playing guitar. Personally, I said to myself that I should learn the one and the other. So the reality is there and wants in and I give up. Do you recognize yourself?

If we are a few who want to learn more and not have to constantly be reminded of reality and have a learning session in the art of playing guitar so I suggest at that we strive placed together. What do you learn in the first place?

My first goal is to learn all pentatonic scales, which I promised myself a long time but did not do. If I'm not alone in this, maybe we can encourage each other to get over the threshold to actually grasp what we want.
This is the first goal for me. I have more goals to learn the notes on the fretboard and rothnotes in pentatonic scales. Then I want to expand my knowledge of scales and how they work. I also want to learn to read music, which is the ultimate goal. So to read music and immediately know where the note is available on the fretboard, is the goal of it all. From there it's possible to play anything on a guitar.

This was a lot and I can not stand to see the mountain of all I want to learn.
Do you want to climb the mountin with me ? It will be a hard journey, at least for me. It will allso be difficult to learn as we don't sit in the same "classroom "

Maby all this is a dream and more unrealistic then it should be. I don't know. I never tryed.

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Re: Motivation ....?

Post by VikingBlues »

Pentatonic Scales then Michael.

I would advise at first concentrating on either the minor pentatonic or the major pentatonic.

With my liking for sad and mournful I was drawn first to minor pentatonic and have always found it a more natural scale for me to play.

Just 5 note scales in pentatonic scales so they're easier to grasp than 7 note scales. But the great thing is once you've mastered the pentatonic you only need to learn 2 additional notes to get to grips with a scale like Aeolian, Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, Lydian and Ionian. There is also just the "Blue" note to add to the pentatonic that adds a lot to the sound.

I found the best way for me to get to grips with the pentatonic scale was learning the 5 "box" patterns. That involved playing a lot with backing tracks and concentrating on just the notes in a particular "Box" at the one time. It's a bit limiting at the time, but once you get comfortable with all the different boxes and can remember them then you can leap all over the fretboard. Each box covers a small area of the fretboard and avoids big stretches or large movements. Two notes on every string is the normal for these boxes.

So as a start here's some thing on minor pentatonic scale:-
Box 1
On the bottom (6th) string take the root note of the key of the piece your are playing on. Let's say it's A Minor. That is fret 5.
The pattern for Box 1 covers the area from fret 5 up to fret 8.
The pattern for Box 5 covers the area from fret 5 down to fret 2. It sort of drops down off the bottom of Box 1.

So this is a very amateurish drawn diagram using "Paint".

I will link you to an A minor Backing Track via a PM, plus a bit of extra material - hopefully this evening.

Please let me know if this is not the sort of thing you want. I found our a fair time ago that a method that works well for one player can be useless for another.
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