Hello again!

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Hello again!

Post by Blackhorse »


I haven't posted on this site for quite a while :wink: but I've stuck my head in a few times to see what's going on! Good to see a lot of the same names that I remember, and that the site is still going strong- it really is a great resource and a fantastic community :clap:

A quick update on me - I'm a big fan of the writer Terry Pratchett, particularly his Discworld series, and for the last few years I've been writing and recording some "Discworld" parodies - covers of well-known songs with the lyrics changed to reference the series. I don't sing on these, but I played all the instruments (or programmed, in the case of the drums). It took me while to get up to speed with Cubase after using CoolEdit for years, but the results are better. Anyone interested can hear an example here; [youtube_id]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nufOg_XKf-A[/youtube_id] (I guess youtube links are allowed?) I was lucky enough to meet Terry and play some songs for him a few years ago, a great experience.

Apart from the Discworld stuff I've really been focused on my acoustic playing and fingerstyle since I was last here. I'm now playing some acoustic folk/blues with a new singer, writing lots of songs together, and getting back out on the live circuit in Dublin. It's great to be playing live again, even if it's only me and a singer as opposed to a band. I'm easing back into it!

Anyway, it's good to be back and I hope I'll have time to contribute to this great community of blues players in some small way. Cheers! :beer:
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Re: Hello again!

Post by MichaelRobinson »

Interesting. You are doing a brilliant job. It sounds tight and good. No errors that I can hear.
well done
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Re: Hello again!

Post by VikingBlues »

Great to hear from you :welcome: - must be a couple of years now since that collab with you and Barry. I see you've not lost any of your musical skill since then - gained a lot by the sound of it. :thumbsup:

I too am a fan of Terry Pratchett - I often drift off to sleep at night to a Discworld audio book. I love his humour and appreciate the parallels he draws in Discworld to those ludicrous things that happen in our own world. Your meeting him will be something for you to treasure.

I had a bit of trouble with the link - here it is for anyone else having the problem. (Only needs the characters after the = sign to be entered as the YouTube ID reference).
I've only watched a couple of the videos so far - got to up and away to day 5 of a miserable and very busy and stressed work week in a minute. I look forward to seeing / listening to the other videos at the weekend. Skilled covers and good adaptation of the lyrics. Great playing and programming and with the trademark Blackhorse sound coming through! :clap: :clap:
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Re: Hello again!

Post by Strummer07 »

Hi there Blackhorse
Good to have you back on the board.

Like the clip , well done ....I know nothing about discworld :-) ..having never experienced a Pratchett novel ( My son is an avid reader tho)
But I do have admiration for the way Terry Pratchett is conducting himself these days, and handling his illness. Tand talking about, and promoting his right to die as and when HE wishes ...I'm all for that !

Cheers to you :beer:
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