Maria (li´l sis.), modal blues.

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Maria (li´l sis.), modal blues.

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The head of this blues R played whit the Dorean scale but uses some other
common scales in blues 4 the improvisation/solo part; Dim, Wholetone
and a minor pentatonic that inclusive all the tones whit tension from the
Super Locrian. So its very much a typical 12 bar jazzbluesskeleton of course,
or maybea bit more like jumpblues, perhaps, but not that fast (and in
minor), that make´s the progression here. :rofl:

Maria.mp3 - (4.24 MiB)

Kept it simple, 3 trax of guitar only. Modal emphasi connect these trax.
But it´s still bluesy and creates some tensions and :D blue notes feelin. :thumbsup:
I hope it easy to follow this blues and that U find it interesting and , of
course, that U dig this blues. :bb:

My sister is the best sister in the world. :beer:
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Re: Maria (li´l sis.), modal blues.

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pxm wrote: Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:48 am My sister is the best sister in the world. :beer:

Funny & funky ! :banana: :clap:
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