Windy City Blues....All Original

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Windy City Blues....All Original

Post by tytlblues »

Ok guys, here is a new, original shuffle groove. I even play a little ham fisted piano solo on the second verse!! :music2: :music2:

POSSIBLE COLLAB: if you guys are up for the faster groove, I can delete my parts after the piano solo and open it up for jamming :music1: :music1:

Windy City Blues .mp3 - (4.26 MiB)


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Re: Windy City Blues....All Original

Post by VikingBlues »

Hello Mr Piano Man!!!! :thumbsup:

Whoah - faster groove is right - nice soaring blues pouring from your guitar ... or I should say, your fingers! :clap:

I'm really not too sure I could get anywhere near the required level of flying fingers needed! :eye_rub:
I would give it a go, but there's be a fair old chance I'd not get anything to a good enough level to post back on here.
An improv a day keeps the demons at bay!
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