pxm - "Cissy Strut Paxomania"

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pxm - "Cissy Strut Paxomania"

Post by pxm » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:34 am


This is my version of the great funkblues
"Cissy Strut" (original by The Meters, 1969). 🙂

The arrangement and the bassline is by me.

I love this 12 bar bluestune, its just genial.
The head and the chords.

It was fun and interesting to record my own
version of this classic bluestune. 🙂

I call my version "Cissy Strut Paxomania"

What do U like my version ???
Does it work ???

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Re: pxm - "Cissy Strut Paxomania"

Post by 12bar » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:49 pm

Yes, it works! A bit faster than the original and very funky with a cool bass line :chicken:

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Re: pxm - "Cissy Strut Paxomania"

Post by fenson » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:13 pm

Well done!
As usual a very interesting and original cover of a great theme :cool: :clap:

A bit too short though to let your imagination fly freely and quench my thirst :wink:
So I 've search YT and of course found some jewels... Hope these links might be some inspirational sources for a Take#2 :icon_whoknows:

Leo Nocentelli (the "how to" by the man who wrote the song) -> https://youtu.be/BsE8uoXHayU
John Mayer -> https://youtu.be/vEqZbDRj64U
Studio Jams Episode #54 -> https://youtu.be/1dbBvxKDa2M
Studio Jams Episode #64 -> https://youtu.be/hjRFkuq0AMo
Gee Mack -> https://youtu.be/hikhsgu2XmY
Oz Noy -> https://youtu.be/sCkx5O7zUU0
Dennis Chambers - John Scofield ->https://youtu.be/PuVK9jwBRBU
Steve Gadd -> https://youtu.be/yzFWSYFX4J8
Tomo, Kirk & Josh -> https://youtu.be/6GrFWXw_cRA

However, thanks for your 'post modern" Blues approach and I hope that 2018 gonna be a wonderful year
for you and your music :D
"Don't be afraid by wrong notes, it doesn't exist" Miles Davis.

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Re: pxm - "Cissy Strut Paxomania"

Post by pxm » Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:03 pm

I recorded some noodling ment as a solo.
So did I make a new master. :wave:

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