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Post by MichaelRobinson » Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:09 pm

Guys and girls.

I can not be the only one with bad scene nerves. As usual, I play better when no one is listening. So I think many people think.
Go ahead and show you extended soul. By that I mean your artistic side. I am aware that it is a sensitive streak. Go ahead and upload !!!!! Expose your artistic talent !!!! Flow with youre artistic side as much as you can. Don't hide.
I know that it takes guts to show the artistic work in front of the world, that's what we do here. I know it's a sensetive thing to do. All the world can come tumbli'n down if something goes wrong in someones comment. I know that, and so do you.
Some said that you have to come out of youre comforte zone. Let's do it. Try it. I ask you to try to challenge your comfort zone. Pleas.....Show youre talent!!

Written in desperation of absent members.


09_A.mp3 - (3.51 MiB)

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