Outside my confort zone

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Outside my confort zone

Post by MichaelRobinson » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:56 am

Hely outside my confort zone. :nuts:


Novocaine.mp3 - (2.79 MiB)

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Re: Outside my confort zone

Post by losaavedra » Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:05 am

Hey Michael, why say it's crap? Your playing is well balanced in the mix with the BT, tonally very nice, timing faultless, no bum notes ... and you're a heck of a lot better at doing endings than I can ever seem to manage! About the only thing I might suggest is on a couple of non-consecutive verses let your bit come in a bar (or some part of a bar) late ... or even early ... so as to vary what the BT is (quite coldly and mechanically) throwing at you. The trick is to think/play around the BT's tempo and structure, not always adhere to it religiously in every verse. Anyway, well done, enjoyable listen, looking forward to the next one !!!
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Re: Outside my confort zone

Post by 12bar » Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:11 pm

I hear no crap, just a fine Blues. :clap:

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Re: Outside my confort zone

Post by Pena » Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:39 pm

No, no, no Michael, you were at home. :music2:
Good clean notes,great tone, relaxing mood. :thumbsup:
Enjoyed listening, very much :clap:
You seem to find more and more from your inside, or you naughty boy have been teasing us :big_smile:
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Re: Outside my confort zone

Post by MichaelRobinson » Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:31 pm

No, Pena. I do not tease. I have so much crap to haul around on and is used to taking a beating and give myself beating inside. But now when I listen it sounds right alright. I just wish I had the edge off the feeling that the add. That's what makes the difference between decent and good, I think. Since I aspire to my playing to sound professional, I get extremely self-critical.
So I am so slow in the fingers but right in this song, it's good to be slow.
There are other songs that I can not keep up.

It is the first time I got a bit of variety in my playing and I'm on unfamiliar ground. It is the first time I stepped outside my usual pattern and it's completely new to me. Also, I quickly move on and get the same feature on the songs as the best in this forum. With that being said, I do not want to imitate just get to it with a good feeling ..
Since my requirements for me in terms of the most high I become easily self-critical, not teasing

I also want it to work right away and practice nothing even though I need it.

That said, I am used since childhood to take a beating both mentally and physically, and nowadays I beat my self with high standards for myself. I don't feel good but I use to do this with my self.

Briefly. I'm used to hurt myself and give myself mentally with self hurtful ratings .. It comes from the high standards and expectations, not pleasure. I hurt myself constantly and for all the shit I've done in my life. I will not get away that I am destructive ago small boy.

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Re: Outside my confort zone

Post by VikingBlues » Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:54 am

This recording sounds really very good to me. :thumbsup:

The timing is going well - there is a subtlety to the phrasing that fits in very well with the backing track rhythms.

I really like the note choices - good melodic playing and lots of good target notes being hit on the chord changes. :clap:

Just after the 2 minute mark there's some tasty variety with those double note sequences which work very well. :drool:

You're right - on unfamiliar ground it's very difficult when you've recorded a piece to know whether it's any good. Sometimes a few days are needed to get enough distance from it to hear clearly if it's worked.

As a "slow in the fingers" guy myself you have my sympathy at your frustration in that area - but we can help to make up for that with note choices, tone, and phrasing as you have done here with great success. It does still make me feel like a second class citizen when I hear someone rattle of two or three times as many tasteful notes as I can though! :wall:
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