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Music copyrights - read this before uploading!

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:38 pm
by 12bar
Since there are many questions regarding copyright, here are some general guidelines:
  • You can upload any Blues that you have written and played by yourself. Sure. That's the standard case. The copyright is and will be yours.
  • You can upload any Blues that is "Public Domain", that means free of copyright, e.g. traditionals like St. James Infirmary Blues
  • You're not allowed to upload classic Blues like Stormy Monday incl. vocals, because a copyright exists and you have to pay royalties.
  • You're not allowed to upload a song with a copyright protected backing track (e.g. from a magazine CD)
  • Chord changes can usually not be copyrighted, especially in Blues.
For more information, look at: If you use another host like soundclick, be aware that the rules in general are the same. Usually nothing will happen to another Stormy Monday Blues version, especially if you don't sing, but you'll never know. Even if you rename it.