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Re: blues advice need

Post by Ulysses »

Well, one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time were ones that imitated the blues, and they learnt exactly by learning the songs. You can't fake that, and while it does seem like a grind, I believe it's the quickest way of nailing it down. Perhaps we can all give you some songs that we considered resourceful in our own learning process if you tell us what style you'd like to go after.

If you perhaps, don't want to immerse yourself in the blues tradition, and just want to play like Eric Clapton whenever you need to, I'm afraid you can't achieve sounding authentic. It's something that takes extensive research and dedication to master.
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Re: blues advice need

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Sounds like you've learned the basic stuff well and now you need to use it your own way. Like already said - sit down and play as much as possible. Learn a few songs really well - note for note - and then try to improvise over the Blues classics.

:welcome: btw!
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