NGD Vintage VS-6 Mick Abrahams Signature

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NGD Vintage VS-6 Mick Abrahams Signature

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Okay so compared to previous years I thought I was keeping the GAS under control until I came across this. I love a SG with P90's and had been after one of these when they were first on the scene but never got round to getting one. fast forward to today and I went into town with the missus, as we walked in we went past a friends shop I popped in to check he'd got the hiscox molded case I dropped off for him a few weeks ago while was on holiday (he bought the guitar last year but I thought I'd lost the case - turned to be in the loft). while we're chatting he say's he's got something for me cause he feels he under paid me the for the Yammy, He goes in the back and comes out with this VS-6 MRMA, I instantly fell in love and the missus could tell it would be coming home with me. I asked him what he was asking for it when he dropped the bombshell. FREE, he was gonna offer it me for £50 but since I'd taken the case in for him he just said I could have it. We were out the door before the dust settled.


Upon getting her home I start with the usual inspection, The guitar itself is in almost perfect condition and sounds fantastic, the only minor faults are the bridge, as the previous owner had tried to slot the bridge and the radius is off making the high e is a little too deep also the D & G tuners are a bit sloppy.

Swaps to do =
Custom TRC
Upgrade wiring and pots (I do this to virtually all my guitars)
K40n-2a Paper in oil capacitors
Nickel Wraparound Tailpiece (I want it to age naturaly)
Nickel Machineheads with vintage style cream buttons (same as above)

I may change the pickups as they are a little confusing, they should be wilkinson stacked ceramic P90's however they sound smoother than ceramic and the readings are closer to the wilkinson Alnico V p90's(no way to tell as no markings on on bak and previous owner had coloured in the wilkinson logo), either way they sound fantasic - very similar to the one in my 2012 Gibbo 50's tribute SG
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Re: NGD Vintage VS-6 Mick Abrahams Signature

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That is an incredible deal you got there! :eye_rub:

Vintage do make a good guitar for the money but for free makes it a great buy, especially as you have the skills to tweak it more to your taste.
I've had a few Vintage electrics over the years and the standard, if properly set up, was way higher than the prices suggested.

All sensible upgrades on your list - you should hopefully get a keeper from doing that. :thumbsup:
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