Just saying hi and showing off my latest blues beauties

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Just saying hi and showing off my latest blues beauties

Post by Fullmoon1971 »

Hi guys & girls,

Long time watcher but first time posting. My name is John and I'm a guitar addict, my current collection stands at 115 and I love all types of guitar based music but especially the blues so imagine how stocked i was to find this site. Anyway on to the reason for this post.

I decided at new year that I was really gonna try to control my buying this year - I made it 6 weeks :whistle:. While I was out on valentines day having lunch we popped into the local pawn shop where they had this beauty for £180.

She's a 2002 that the previous owner had changed a few things, GraphTech nut, pots & wiring upgraded & pickups swapped for a set of Epiphone "USA Elitist SR-50 & TR-50". Tailpiece removed and replaced with USA Bigsby B-7. She plays like a dream annd sounds fantastic. Only changes I made were switch tip to cream, Gold Reflector knobs, a "Duane Eddy" Handle for the Bigsby and a one of those "Custom Made " plaques to cover the stud holes that gibson used when retro fitting a bigsby.

Six days later I was back at the same pawn shop and came across a mint 50th Anniversary "1962" Sheraton E212T. The shop wanted £450 for and I got it for £400. Mint condition minus one of the reflectors which had just come unstuck, all paperwork(and missing reflector) and case included. setup to my liking straight of the case.

First impressions that any serious player might take away could include: Those gold-plated Grover machineheads and elegant Epiphone Frequensator tailpiece offer a touch of refinement - good to see in a mid-priced instrument". It's lighter than a few other sheraton's I've tried recently including the natural one , the 1960s SlimTaper neck profile is a real joy to play "Gibson mini-humbuckers? Well, there's a bona-fide tone guarantor of vintage snap, spank and attitude"; and "Oh, yes, you can see there are decades of breeding, with pedigree Epiphone appointments such as the sloped dovewing headstock with leaf inlay."

It has a great spine, with a mahogany neck glued to a laminated maple body, and a rock-solid LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge holding everything in place.

It has a great playable feel, with its classically Gibson/Epiphone scale length and lithe neck accommodating to a fault.

Its voice is perfect - why more guitar aren't fitted with mini humbuckers I'll never know. The neck humbucker has a round, bell-like voice that’s not at all wooly—even with the tone rolled back significantly. It also exhibits the same capacity for harmonic detail that the bridge humbucker displays in spades, and feels alive and of a piece with the semi-hollow construction at lounge-jazz volumes—delivering silky-but-spectral, Wes Montgomery-style octave tones and mournful, mellow blues colours and yet let rip and it's certainly capable of of hard rock and southern rock & strong-armed blues without breaking a sweat.

From a personal point I love the period correct case istead of the plain black one. it's touches like this that add to the sense of flair.

Anyone interested in my full 115 collection can check it out here.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/76319442@ ... 2741036277
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Re: Just saying hi and showing off my latest blues beauties

Post by 12bar »

Hi John,

:welcome: to the community!

115 guitars :yikes: where do you store them?
The Epiphones look perfect, a sound clip would be great!
You've got some quite strange axes in your collection! :big_smile:
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Re: Just saying hi and showing off my latest blues beauties

Post by fenson »


Having 37 guitars at home, I tought I was a real fool...
Once again, I was wrong!

Agree with you: why more guitar aren't fitted with mini humbuckers ?
Since I've discover Lollar's mini, felt in love wiht it and put these jewels
on my LP Gold Top and my Epi Dot.

The only one I bought with the mini built in is my
Epiphone Japan Limited Elitist 1966 "Custom Riviera" Outfit
Outfit#01.jpg (322.23 KiB) Viewed 8978 times
Outfit#03.jpg (330.99 KiB) Viewed 8978 times
Outfit#04.jpg (431.75 KiB) Viewed 8978 times
Outfit#05.jpg (456.23 KiB) Viewed 8978 times
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Re: Just saying hi and showing off my latest blues beauties

Post by VikingBlues »

:welcome: to the forum John. :D

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw 115 :yikes: as the number of guitars! Wow!

I won't ask what your annual budget for strings is!

That's a fine couple of guitars to add to any collection, and it's great to see how you are still able to be so enthusiastic after so many purchases.

I've had a quick look at your collection on flickr and that's a huge wide variety of instruments of all types, shapes, and sizes.
How do you manage to decide which one to play when the choice is so huge! :icon_whoknows:
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