Best value Les Paul copy?

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Re: Best value Les Paul copy?

Post by choucas09 »

Ah, a Goldtop with P90's. Does it get any better?

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Re: Best value Les Paul copy?

Post by velvetlicks »

Hi all,

Well, I own a Vintage V100 TSB, so let's talk 'bout her:

The Good
Fine luthery, nice wood, fine binding, really great work for a very affordable price!
Amazingly playable neck and fretboard (I mainly play Strat with smooth V shape maple neck).

The No So Good
Pikups, wiring, tuners.

I asked my prefered guitar tech to correct these "minus"...
I've choose a Classic '57 set of P90 from

Link deleted - see forum rules

He did the job, replacing all electronic parts and the tuners...

Then we both play one Gisbon Lp Standard from the custom shop and the refitted Vintage...
Honestly I couldn't wich one was the real one!!!

Now let's talk 'bout the bill:

Pikups: 77 x 2 144
Wiring: 50
Tuners: 126
The Vintage TSB: 459

This makes: 769 Euros

You know what? I'm happy Vintage player!

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Re: Best value Les Paul copy?

Post by velvetlicks »

Oups! put '59 Humbucker Pickup on my Vintage, '57 P90was for another guitar... both mods made at the same time, sorry

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Re: Best value Les Paul copy?

Post by Blackhorse »

I started this thread, way back when, so here's an update. I got a Vintage TSB Les Paul, an old 2nd-hand one, but it was certainly good value - I got it for free! A guy I know at work was leaving the country, probably for good, and left one of his guitars with me.

It's not one of the newer Wilkinson Vintage guitars, the pickups (humbuckers) are unbranded but they seem fine. The guitar itself is very solid, and very heavy! I don't think I'd want to use this at a gig, standing up for a couple of hours, but as I mainly play a strat I don't think that will be a problem. It was setup for hard rock, strings were very heavy (maybe 13s) and downtuned, and the action was very low. I replaced the strings with 10s and raised the action a little, and it suits me fine. I haven't played it much through my amp (Fender BJ), but I did try it out and it sounded good. Hardware seems fine, tuning is stable, I'm very happy with it, and will be using it in recordings occasionally in the future.

I also got a white Vintage (Wilkinson) SG for my son, who is 12, and although the sound is similar the difference in weight between the two guitars is incredible. The SG feels very light indeed, which is perfect for him, significantly lighter than my strat even. While the LP weighs a ton! €100 for the SG 2nd hand, so all in all great value all round.

Sorry for the blurry pics!
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