Ballad A minor

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Ballad A minor

Post by MichaelRobinson » Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:41 pm

I would not call this ballad, but the BT is called that.
I play on my modified LP copy with P-90 pickups. (I always say that when I use this guitar)

I don't get it !!!. I don't know how to make this flie anything else then it it is. I cant' do anything........&%¤#"(/&#

Ballad A minor.mp3 - (3.43 MiB)

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Re: Ballad A minor

Post by VikingBlues » Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:27 am

This is rather gentle - in a good way. Nice mellow sound from the P90s and the way you played match the BT well. :thumbsup:

I know what you mean about the word "Ballad" - it does seem to get used quite a lot on backing tracks for music that's not very ballad like. :icon_whoknows:

I've not yet tried an upload since the change over of the forum software so I have nothing to say to help your file issue.
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