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Jammed Today

Post by vancouverois » Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:16 pm

I went to jam with two co workers, a guitarist and a drummer.
We rented a two hour rehearsal room, only one little Laney amp the other guitarist used, I plugged my Tonelab
in the mixing table and played one the sound system speakers. The tone was quite nice this way although I should
have brought an amp. Well certainly next time as I know the place.

I didn't play outside since years and I must agree that playing at home only with BT and a DAW brings some comfort.
In a real life situation things are a tad different but the three of us sharing our playing experience was acting like a
extra thing that could sometimes boost our "performance". We could play from scratch without too much trouble the
basic things and then a few more elaborated pieces.

Really enjoyed this jamming session, it brought me to question myself about lots of technical playing things and to
Jan 15th 2007

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