G Blues Backing Track - funky 5/4

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G Blues Backing Track - funky 5/4

Post by meritonemusic » Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:12 pm

Hi guys,

I wanted to share this fun backing track for playing a standard 12-bar blues progression in G major... it's in 5/4, so a bit challenging due to the odd time signature!


Chord progression:

G7 - G7 - G7 - G7
C9 - C9 - G7 - G7
D7 - C7 - G7 - G7 (D7)

You can use these scales:

G Major Pentatonic - G A B D E (G)

G Minor Pentatonic - G Bb C D F (G)

G Mixolydian - G A B C D E F (G)

G Dorian - G A Bb C D E F (G)

HERE is a 12-bar blues backing track in the same key (G) - in good old 4/4 time


Enjoy :music2:

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