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Had a fantastic weekly jam tonight!

Posted: Sat May 12, 2012 5:56 am
by StratLover2
Hi all!

So today was one of the usual weekly jams at the five way stop in Alpine, and the new sidewalk has been installed, so hurray! But, somebody planted some cactus near where we were playing (boo!), so I had to be cautious. I always wondered if the greats had experience playing near hazardous wildlife..

Anyways, here is what we played. Sadly, no video or audio recorded..

Midnight Rider by the Allman Bros. (I played this one solo, while my guitar teacher was still on his way. I got one horn of approval from a car for this, surprisingly enough. Just played a tiny, tasteful solo.)
Summer Song by Joe Satriani (This is a fun song to jam, as we just play the first section of it which is A and D in a rock rhythm, typical of Satriani.)
Knocking on Heaven's Door (We turned this into almost a jazz/blues fusion piece with our leads..)
Badge by Eric Clapton (We did a funky jam to the intro bass line/chords, and I added some jazzy 9th chords to it (Similar to the Hype Park Badge intro, which is where I got the inspiration for the intro. Shame no audio/video, as it was probably the best intro of Badge I have played on at a jam.)
Another Brick in the Wall (Didn't do much, concluded that we should work on it more for soloing)
Comfortably Numb (Played both Gilmour's solo with a bit of improv on the first, and a lot on the last.)
Friends in Low Places (By Garth Brooks. No solos.)
Call me the Breeze by J.J Cale (Had a couple of great solos and let my guitar teacher play one, giving me a chance to play rhythm.)
Layla (Fun to jam on!)
La Grange (This was an awesome song to jam on!)
House of the Rising Sun (Another jam one!)
Hugs and kisses by Ben Harper (Rather new one.)