Crossroads 2010 - vote for a band to perform

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Crossroads 2010 - vote for a band to perform

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I'm not sure if this is OK or cheerleading or what .. But I see that Griff Hamlin ( a US Guitar internet Guitar Teacher) has a couple of ads on here so it might be OK

I've had a couple of this guy's tuition dvd's and they are ok !! :thumbsup: and I get his regular newsletter which is not bad

Anyway this year at the Crossroads festival one band performing will be one voted in by Joe Public ....Griff Hamlin and his Band "the Alpaca Love Society" area in the mix and in one of his regular newsletters he asked for a bit of voting support .........I've signed up to the site .and its intresting as it give an insight into the whole festival ( sponsored by Ernie Ball ) and you get one vote a day I've been lending Griff my support. He's a god player as well as a teacher so you can listen to his stuff if you fancy.

Here's the link and Griffs note

Wanna do it ....great

Wanna pass ..............thats fine too............

I just thought it might be cool to have a small connection to a band that appeared on the Crossroads stage

Hey, it's Griff here from Blues Guitar Unleashed.
Many of you already know me as a guitar teacher. But you may not know about my "player" side so much.
It's not something I talk about as much, but I still perform regularly and even have a couple of CD's out.
A few weeks ago I signed up for a contest to perform alongside none other than Clapton himself at his upcoming Crossroads festival in June.
So far a bunch of you have voted for me, and I can't tell you how humbled I am and how much I appreciate your support. Because of you, I am in the #2 spot and getting further from #3 every day.
The tough climb, though, is to get that #1 spot which is getting a little further away every day.
So to those of you who give up a couple of minutes each day to vote for me and to listen to my music on the Crossroads website, my hugest thanks.
And if this is the first time you've heard of all of this, I'm asking for your help.
I put up a blog post on my own blog with details on how to register for an account as a fan, and how to vote for me. ... in-chicago

You can vote every day, not just once. The key to winning this is the daily persistence. But I will take whatever you can give.
Again, thank you all so much for what you've given of yourselves to help me with this dream. And thanks in advance for all that you continue to do for me.
Talk soon,
"Death is just a heartbeat away"
lyric from "Out in The Fields"
Gary Moore 1952-2011

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