RIP Pinetop Perkins

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RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by tradrrr »

Let me tell you what the blues is....

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Re: RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by 12bar »


Another original is gone. 97 years - I'm sure he had some great stories to tell.

Boogie Woogie with 93 years:


How Long with 95 years:


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Re: RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by VikingBlues »

One more is always too many. A Great musician. RIP.
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Re: RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by MikeJackal »

Have to admit I'd never heard of him until today :(
Although he sounds like my kind of guy:
Perkins outlived most of his peers even though he smoked from the age of 9, battled alcoholism into his 80s and ate at McDonald’s Corp.’s fast-food restaurants daily.
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Re: RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by kiwiclapton »

Never heard this dude before, sounds pretty cool. Always a bummer when talented people die. Kai Kaha.
In the name of God, Eric Clapton and the Slowhand, Amen.

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Re: RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by Blindboy »

Pinetop was a Legend. End of an Era... RIP
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Re: RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by tombstone »

He was one of the greats. I just missed seeing him a few years ago in Kentucky. A true legend.
I used to be tombstoneblues.

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Re: RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by DeaconBlues »

RIP Pinetop. I'm sure you are already playin' 88's behind Muddy again.
That boy ain't right...,

but he's big on the North Sea Coast of Germany.

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Re: RIP Pinetop Perkins

Post by Golfxzq »

Not that it really matters at all but I am proud to say that Pinetop Perkins was born in my home town of Belzoni, Mississippi.... I just wish some of that blues magic could have rubbed off on me. There is a new museum there commemorating his life but it had not opened when I was visiting my Mom this past summer. I plan to go back through in April, I hope to get a chance to visit the museum then. RIP Pinetop.
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