Gary Moore - RIP

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Gary Moore - RIP

Post by VikingBlues »

Apparently Gary Moore has passed away.

All that is currently said is that it was "in his sleep on holiday in Spain".

Not yet 60. RIP. :tears:
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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by ElMano »

:yikes: i am speechless I had to but almost cant believe it. The best died young but this is so horrible. R.I.P Gary, Hpope you Still got the blues where ever you are.
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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by Pena »

Really shocking news :tears:
RIP Gary,You still got the blues over the hills and far away.
"The blues is a low down achein' chill" Robert Johnson

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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by 2WheelsOfBlues »

:yikes: WHAT.... :tears: :tears:

I'm a fan, but i didn't now this.......... :cry:

Walk the heavenly walkways my friend......r.i.p.
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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by HalfBlindLefty »

WHAT ?? No... must be a mistake.
However I checked the web and the message is quite clear, Gary has passed over to the other legends that no longer are amongst us.
RIP Gary Moore.
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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by vancouverois »

Sad news :tears:
RIP Gary
Jan 15th 2007

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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by Strummer07 »

Stunned !! ...............Very sad news.
58 years of age is way too young .................

We sure wont get sustain like his again !!

Still got the Blues For you !! .......RIP
"Death is just a heartbeat away"
lyric from "Out in The Fields"
Gary Moore 1952-2011

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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by Blackhorse »


We'll miss you Gary

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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by kiwiclapton »

Kia kaha ! Gary Moore .
In the name of God, Eric Clapton and the Slowhand, Amen.

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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by 12bar »

Way too young - R.I.P. Gary!

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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by Bluesmole »

What a sad day. A nice guy and one of the great rock/blues exponents.
For me "Still got the Blues for You" will always define his passionate blues playing/singing
and the very underrated rock album "Looking at You" is, imo. the best.
Long may we remember him.
"Big Bill Broonzy, a white boy's inspiration" (1963), and the Blues ever since.

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Re: Gary Moore - RIP

Post by deltabluesrookie »

Yeah He was one of my favorites. Left us with some great music. RIP. We'll miss that red strat
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