A new direction for me

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A new direction for me

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This is a four guitar cover of Henry VIII's "Pastime with Good Company". I've been reading up on Henry VIII and if you look past all the stuff we know about him, you will discover that he truly was an incredible musician and poet.

I've been noodling along to this, and it appears to be in D Dorian, though I am not sure. But playing along to this piece is certainly different than playing to a twelve bar blues. I've decided that while I will be playing the blues, I will also be doing new things occasionally.

I've had the thing for medieval music lately, being intrigued with "Greensleeves" and the interesting improvisation possibilities.

If you look at the other kings of his time, it appears as if Henry VIII was the "Eric Clapton" of the 16th century!


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Re: A new direction for me

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Let me tell you what the blues is....

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