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The Johan Paxom´s Blues Society - Heavier Blues Theories.

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 1:35 pm
by pxm
Streamin & download of ma new album;
"The Johan Paxom´s Blues Society-Heavier Blues Theories." :music2:

Jazzrockfusion styled reharmonized 12 bar blues tunes.
Playin advanced theory in reality. :guitarist:

Enjoy !!! :bb: ... 0d3a919315

I´ve a FB group, of course also named;
"The Johan Paxom´s Blues Society-Heavier Blues Theories." :lefty:

I make small an´short presentations of the different
I often use in my new album,
contain12 bar progressions reharmonized to
Progressive Blues an´Jazzrockfusion styled Blues. :dance: ... uessociety

It´s a small group, forum that connects to ma new album but
not necessary. :alright:

As long as it´s ´bout blues anyone can posts their hints an´tricks
or their vids. I also link to my other group called "Jazz Theory Forum",
my guitar workshop, my youtube channel or related. :chicken:

I hope that aI can get permission to link this forum as well ??? :clap:

It´s good to be seen an´heard.
Feel Welcome to check it out !!! :beer:

(I´m really exited over these two link´s.) :banana: