EC plays Prince

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EC plays Prince

Post by 12bar »
Glad he is still doing well. He always admired Prince.

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Re: EC plays Prince

Post by VikingBlues »

Still going at 74!
Some of his more recent comments about his ability to play have been quite pessimistic.
Good to see him still managing well. :thumbsup:
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Re: EC plays Prince

Post by GuitarCrazy »

Clapton is my all time favorite guitarist.
I just play blues for fun. Howlin' Wolf

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Re: EC plays Prince

Post by Hussar303 »

And to think I'm in the 3rd generation of people in my family listening to Eric Clapton... and my age starts with a 3. I hope he'll keep playing for a couple years at least, so that I can introduce the 4th generation to his art while he's still active!

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Re: EC plays Prince

Post by fenson »

And Prince plays the Blues:
Hope you enjoy
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