Bit of help with a Scottish song

If you're searching for a special part of a song or a chord sequence, ask here. Include as much details as possible (e.g. time range, album).
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Bit of help with a Scottish song

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I typed 'linnet' into google the other day to find out what it was (a small European bird, it turns out!), and the first thing that came up was a selection of songs from Colleen Raney's CD of the same name- I'd never heard of her, but now I'm very thankful for my ornithological ignorance!

Anyway, she does one song by the name of "Geordie" which I've been trying furiously to get right, but it's not going very well. I think I have the chords right, it's just where they go and when that's giving me a lot of trouble. There are three videos of her performing it on youtube- none of them has a very good shot of the guitarist's left hand, but this one is the best:
I believe he's tuned to DADGAD, but I think it could be played fine in standard. As far as I can figure, the chords are D, G, Bm and A.

Thanks very much for any help!
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