Happy Easter

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Happy Easter

Post by 12bar »


Once a year this smiley needs to be posted!

Quite busy, not so happy Easter this year (personal reasons), all the best to everyone here!

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Re: Happy Easter

Post by MikeJackal »

Same to you and everyone else Gerd, Happy Easter All.
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Re: Happy Easter

Post by VikingBlues »

Thanks Gerd - all the best to you too - I'd forgotten all about that smiley after all these months. :thumbsup:

Best wishes and Happy Easter from me too to all on the forum. :D
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Re: Happy Easter

Post by Blindboy »

Happy Easter, to the whole gang... :D
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Re: Happy Easter

Post by Shuffle »

Happy Easter! :D
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Re: Happy Easter

Post by tradrrr »

Happy belated Easter, too.

I like having friends overseas so I can learn which holidays are celebrated world wide.
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