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Learning a language to take your blues a bit further.

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:22 am
by pxm

Site News;

Music is much like learning a language.
And to teaching that language. If U R a teacher and have one pupil
its said that they R 2 persons learning the language. :bb:

So thats why I wrote 1 article and 1 lesson for about 5 years ago. :nuts:
Both scripts turns to guitarplayers and r real essential and basic. :lefty:

This is a link to the article here on this forum;

My Personal Suggestions/Advices For Improvising (Shooting) Over A Bluesy Vamp. :music1:

And here comes the lesson whit some more theorystuff;

How to use and play a ii-V7-I progression properly. :alright:

U´ll need this information for develop skills playing Swing/Jumpblues, Bluesfusion,
Bebop, Jazzblues
and even some Progg.blues. If you want me to I could try to
write something usefull about reharmonizationtechniques.
If U have any questions U can either send me a message och post a reply to the threads. :D

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I´ve posted these subjects in the forum "Blues Guitar Playing".
I just wanted to tip U about these 2 scripts. :wave:

(It not unusal that the rythm of a blues is swinging in 6/8. This is a fusion of
a rehamonized 12 bar blues skeleton. To get it sound a bit more rockjazzfusion
I use the Melodic minor, aka The Jazzscale. You´ll find the
scale and the belonging harmonised chordscale as a bonus in my lesson.)

PS !

Here´s the link to ma playlist "Rock the 12 Bar Blues Variations."
That list contains lot of creative reharmonizations of the 12 Bar Blues. :music1: ... gCKtDYVF5h

"Reharmonizations, by my trickbag, of the original 12 bar bluesprogression.
This list contains lots of songs, played whit the love for Blues, whit different
creative ornaments, licks of rarely used scales and exiting chordprogressions
by varius reharmonizationtechniques. A study of my way playin the Blues."

Re: Learning a language to take your blues a bit further.

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:47 am
by pxm
I did add 4 short but clear descriptions for to simply
reharmonize both the succession (the head/theme,
melody) as well as the progression (chords/harmonies)
in a bluessong. :dance:
(I could have need a little help whit the html to get one
or two diagram right. Pls !!!)

U will do just fine and come a pretty long way, to start
reharmonizing the blues, using those techniques,
formulas and trix.

I also made a post whit some tabulature and a mp3,
showing my short but effective etyde. :big_smile:
The etyde is really essential and basic and the target is

All posts to be found in the forum for "Blues Guitar

And at last I updated the presentation of ma gear
whit interesting specs, info, from the retailers.

Thats in the "Gear" forum of course. :wave:

Re: Learning a language to take your blues a bit further.

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:01 am
by VikingBlues
Thanks for these post s/ links, and I will try and get around to having a proper look - something of this type needs proper examination. :D

For some reason I seem to have less spare time since I retired! :icon_whoknows: