SSL (https) installed

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SSL (https) installed

Post by 12bar »


with FF and Chrome showing an alert on every non-SSL -site I decided to install SSL.
Quite some work, so I also updated the forum software. :dance:
All requests from http will be redirected to https. This can be tricky, so if you have problems, let me know.
Maybe you have to logout and back in again to be on the safe side. :big_smile:

Advantage is that the connection now is encrypted so that nobody can't sniff your login.
Disadvantage beside the additional work is that it's a bit slower. :icon_whoknows:

I also removed the ads from the bottom.
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Re: SSL (https) installed

Post by fenson »

Works pretty fine for me :cool:
Great job Gerd! No more warnings on the login page with FF 59.x :high5:
Thanks buddy :handshake:

By the way, you might like to update your bookmark to my SC channel:
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Re: SSL (https) installed

Post by VikingBlues »

Working OK for me so far thanks Gerd. :thumbsup:

All I had to do was set up a new bookmark for the page to log in - the old bookmark took me to a text only page with the various page links on it.

That's a plus on the security improvement. I appreciate your efforts on keeping this forum on the go and I hope it wasn't a massive amount of work to do this change.
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Re: SSL (https) installed

Post by Blindboy »

Works for me. Thanks, Gerd.
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